One hard fact about getting old is the feeling of being alone which can easily turn into depression. What’s even harder is to know when they require help in order to take action. Friends and family around the elderly people can be close but not close enough to understand their actual feelings. We need something smart in order to solve this problem.

What it does

Our application does exactly what we need in order to track their emotions, feelings and personality changes over time, as simple as speaking to it. With ailderlai, elderly people can give their daily feedback just by expressing how they feel by voice. Ailderlai then analyzes and processes this feedback and outputs on a graph.

How we built it

We have a web app running on Heroku. This web app is using mix.nlu by Nuance to translate speech to text from the user. The text is then sent to Watson to identify how the person is feeling today. We display these data through a simple user interface using graph. Since one of the most important feature for elderly people is safety. This is why we use Twilio to alert family members in case of emergency.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding amazon web services, we gave up on it since it got too complicated so instead we used Heroku for hosting the website.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

This is the first program that we’ve coded that has the speech to text feature that works and is efficient. We also feel proud since our program may prevent the elder from having depression.

What we learned

It was for all of us the first we were using Twilio and Watson. These two tools were easy to use but since their features are complete we know that there is large potential with them. The mix.nlu API by Nuance was a great way to understand how language is understood by machines with intents, concepts, etc.. We also learned a great deal by setting all the environment needed to run all these APIs and the web service on Heroku.

What’s next for ailderlai

We believe that ailderlai can achieve bigger things like having direct contact with the paramedics or the police in case the software collects enough information that may seem dangerous for the health of the elder. We are hoping to see ailderlai to be in the top 10 apps for the elder.

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