current natural disasters happening around the world and a desire to help those in need in some way.

What it does

helps people in finding people in need to provide the necessary resources to aid in disaster relief.

How I built it

built using android-studio with the java programming language. uses google maps to share live current locations of people in need.

Challenges I ran into

Learning the Google API and knowing how to properly use certain methods. Learning how to use the Java code for the google maps to get permission from the phone to access location. Learning android studio in general.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

learned how to integrate google maps and live location services into an android application.

What I learned

Increased skill in Java How to use Android studio How to integrate google maps to an application.

What's next for AidMe

add a GUI for users. allow users to register as 'aids' to be able to help other people during natural disasters. Integrate ability to submit location and allow other 'aids' to see it. Integrate data mining from twitter hashtags to allow the application to know when and where a disaster is happening.

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