Why we are building Aidhoo.com?

With the world coming to a stop. Like many, I have been confined to my house #StayHome to try to stop this virus from spreading too rapidly. My days were spent watching TV hearing about the missing masks, treatment, oxygen masks and beds in our local hospitals.

I'm a developer so I'm lucky I can stay at home. But I keep sitting thinking how can I help?

With no medical background, I felt useless.

3 Days went past and I finally came up with AIDHOO, which was inspired by the hashtag #BuildforCOVID19.

In these times of serious concern what if we all changed just one thing that could help. What would you change?

Well, I'm guessing you wouldn't think your search engine right?

Well, it could now make a difference to millions of peoples lives. By using Aidhoo for every search you make, the money from advertisers is donated to helpers, nurses, doctors and for research into vaccines and treatment against this virus.

Google had revenues of $75bn in 2015 imagine how many masks/treatment or research that could pay for.

So, do it today #StayHome and #MakeTheChange to Aidhoo.

Together, we can fight for the important things in life.

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