Crowdfunding healthcare via fundraisers and donation campaigns plays a major part in the healthcare system in many countries, with different levels of economic development. The less developed, the bigger impact it could have. However, the current crisis displayed the chronic lack of data that this vital health funding vehicle is experiencing, now increased exponentially in the conditions of a pandemic. Even the strongest world economies and health systems are facing a lack of visibility of supply channels, fundraisers are struggling to coordinate with hospitals and between themselves on the day to day needs, and forecasting models are crumbling due to the scattered and unreliable data provided by heavily fragmented sources. While governments have the responsibility and negotiating power to do the most for public healthcare, in practice, crowdfunding via fundraising & charity initiatives is making a life or death difference for a major part of the world population, and its impact shifts drastically with development of local and global crisis situations. We want to greatly empower this process via better data.

What it does

We are creating a service to collect, provide and analyse the vital data points of the 3 key pillars of non-institutional (government or private) health funding:

  1. Hospitals and medical centres - their current needs for medical supplies of all kinds, that are not covered in the existing local healthcare system

  2. Suppliers and manufacturers - products they provide, stock, manufacturing capacity, certifications, location, shipping capabilities

  3. Fundraisers, charities, donation campaigns - their areas of operations based on location, type supplies they are looking to provide, types of hospitals they target, amount of funds available and amount of funds looking to raise

How I built it

Using a lean yet scalable approach based on Firebase and React.

Challenges I ran into

As this is a highly scalable project, dependable on the buy in on stakeholders, the project needs access to mentorship and advisors capable to bring value in the form of private and government contacts, cross-border agencies and similar.

Building a working self-sustainable business model also requires a good insights into areas such as DaaS and market reports.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've achieved a great response in the first round of validation, from experts validating all major areas of impact and the ability of the team to deliver such a service.

What's next for Aidbind

We are working on expanding our team with the needed personnel, securing an early stage funding to be able to establish operations, and finishing the first stage of development of our platform.

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