Dementia is one of the largest disorders in the world, and because of that we can find many online and offline tools to help our patients. There are apps, websites, games, all sorts of interfaces, amazing designs, beautiful charts, but they are all getting something wrong about this. When you are dealing with a dementia patient, you cannot add complexity, and this is why I created AIDA.

What it does

AIDA offers you the ability to set up events, reminders and daily routines for a patient experiencing Dementia, delivering them a personally tailored message every morning letting them know what to do and what's coming!

You would sign up for an account on the website, add reminders and all the medicine your patient needs to take. AIDA processes this information, and send them a text message every morning reminding them those things and also message them at the time to take a pill.

e.g. "Today is November 8, 2015. Your clean shirts are in the top drawer in the closet, change your tshirt. Food is in the fridge, microwave it for 3 minutes before eating."

How I built it

I wrote the entire code in PHP, and using a mySQL database. You would signup online, your information gets stored in the database, and using cron jobs, the data is processed every hour to check which users have a reminder in the next hour. Also, every morning at 7AM, a cron job runs that scans all reminders for all users. Then using a free text messaging engine (Textbelt), the server sends text messages.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with the cron jobs was the hardest part since I had no experience with them whatsoever. Tried many different approaches (shell command using PHP, etc.), but finally I was able to set it up through my cPanel.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was able to finish this project alone in 36 hours!

What I learned

I learned a lot about mySQL and using it along with PHP. Cron jobs were another area I improved on since I almost had no knowledge about. I also learned many heart breaking facts about Dementia!

What's next for AIDA

AIDA will get funded for sure; whether it is by a sponsor at this event or my school (McMaster University). I have talked to a person in charge of (McMaster Student Entrepreneurship Association), and he has assured me that he will be able to get funding from the university for this project to expand as a free service that might be monetized using onscreen ads on the website.

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