77% of people lack the knowledge and confidence to administer basic first aid. Lack of first aid knowledge kills as many as cancer does, with 140,000 people die each year in situations where people knowing first aid could have saved their life. This is despite rigorous training in companies, countless online resources and a push from the government in schools and workplaces to increase the level of training. Even for those who have some basic first aid knowledge, many people would find themselves not knowing what to do in such a high pressure situation.

What it does

Our app (for Android and iOS) uses AR to automatically detect a problem like cuts, burns, collapsing or allergic reactions. It then guides the user through a step by step process in AR. For instance, if a person has collapsed, it shows a 3D model next to the person as an interactive guide showing them how to get the person into the recovery position. If the app detects an allergic reaction or the user prompts this, the app shows exactly where to place the epipen, giving first responders the confidence to save lives in such a critical environment.

How we built it

We use Viro as our main AR framework and React Native. We used Blender for modelling, rigging etc of the 3D models.

Challenges we ran into

Working on different operating systems, architectures etc we ran into a lot of problems with node modules being different on different machines.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! The app is a working proof of concept and at the very least is at the stage where it could be used for first aid training, if not ready to be used properly.

What we learned

We learned that GitLab has a limit on the number of changes it can display in one commit..! Also, that node modules are a pain to use :)

What's next for Aid++

Imagine if this was present by default on every phone, just like the emergency call button. It would have the potential to save a lot of lives and solve a first aid crisis that has been plaguing our society for too long.

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