We were inspired by the theme of “tidying-up” and helping users build better habits. We focused on children because most lack motivation and need reminders to complete daily tasks/chores, and parents need a simple, efficient way to communicate to-do lists with their kids. Our solution is gamifying tidying-up!

What it does

A game-like app where children can record their completed chores and get rewards for them. A map-like view is presented to persuade users to complete tasks and these are illustrated by aesthetic animations/images. The virtual rewards can be then converted into real life rewards agreed upon by the parents. Parents can notify their kids of new chores and communicate through the app.

How we built it

We used Figma for our design; and flutter and sqllite to program the app.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing the designed UI into the actual app.
  • Adding features such as earning coins and implementing map view
  • Implementing an sql backend for the login/signup page
  • Learning how to work in a team and setting roles/schedule.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Combining all of our expertise and learning how to work together to generate a useful, fun idea.
  • Have an amazing looking UI and an app that performs basic functionalities of a To-do list,
  • Design a map view with the ability to focus onto a room and present the tasks/chores that have to completed

What we learned

  • Explored Figma, learnt what it is and how to use it, Implementing an sqlite backend for the app to store tasks, and learned how to build a project as a team!
  • Learned how a hackathon works.

What's next for AID: And It's Done!

  • We’d like to implement a messaging feature for parents/children to chat.
  • Catering to teachers in the feature so they can aid their students in their homework.
  • We hope to implement the designed UI’s and map views into the app, also establish a backend page for login/signup and connect with more parents and children world wide.

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