We have always paid taxes. But how much of my salary goes to the state? How many types of taxes we pay? Why we don't know all these stuff? We have to do something about it. We love finance, we know IT we definitely need to do this!

What it does

You enter your salary, net salary, and we calculate for you all the taxes and fees you pay to the state. You can also see the structure of the taxes, and how much money you pay to the government for your car or for living in your tiny, little flat from Bucharest.

How we built it

We achieved a strong research concerning the taxation in Romania and then we transposed data collected into a landing page.We also calculated a super formula for these taxes so that the user can easily see how much money it spends on taxes.

Challenges we ran into

Tiredness, codes, design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's working!

What we learned

Finance could be funny and taxes can be deadly.

What's next for Aici sunt banii dumneavoastra!

We want to create a landing page for companies too. And to promote this information to everyone.

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