The inspiration to build this project really came from seeing that was participating in a hackathon on devpost. After watching the teaser intro video for the hackathon I was inspired to get a team together to put's api to use with a communication experience for the future. VR FOREST

What it does allows users to communicate in interesting and open experiences of your choosing. Ai Chat forest is an online conversational forest where ideas and communication can grow! The pandemic caused many groups and families from having open communication and ai chat forest is a new way to engage and converse!

How we built it

We built using html, bootstrap, api's, deployed with netlify, and images from cloudinary. Github

Challenges we ran into

We were challenged by having been introduced to all three of these technologies at the same time. We also struggled to formulate a team and had members leave mid hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud to have been able to use api and see it work! We can proudly say we used to chat as a team during the development of this project! We are also proud to have given as mush dedication we could to this project and gained tons of experience and we thank you so much for the opportunity

What we learned

We learned how to implement api into projects and how to work with the code easily and deploy directly on netlify. We also got to find a resource like cloudinary to help us manipulate and host images for the project. We also learned a bit about teamwork and formulating a good team.

What's next for

We will continue to tweak and develop into a real mind blowing experience where VR and api live in one network and we will continue to better the experience using netlify, cloudinary, and in the future and in our future projects

Aichatforest connects individuals With individuals self-isolating at home and a disruption of in-person communication, our team built Ai Chat Forest to bring communication back to our daily lives "Build The World with Hackathon " This web app was created for the "Build The World with Hackathon", access more info on the hackathon here. This project was created by the Net Diatom team for Devpost with Jeremy D Higgs as the software developer and UI and Harnnet Harnvanich Copy and UX

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posted an update

We are excited to have submitted to this hackathon on devpost. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this and it is truly awesome to have gained some knowledge with, cloudinary, and netlify

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