1. Art is increasingly being created with AI (Source: ArsTechnica)
  2. Generative AI is a big revolution (Source: a16z)
  3. Every generated art piece can be an NFT (Source: CoinDesk)
  4. AI NFT Art may be the next big trend in blockchain & crypto (Sources: CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, ZyCrypto).

What it does is an NFT marketplace with built-in Generative AI system, that generates art from text, using OpenAI's DALL-E API, and enables the selection of the generated image and immediate placement of that image into an NFT marketplace.

Novelty is that, while it is possible to find many text-to-image generation web services and many NFT marketplaces, to the best of our knowledge, there are only two Web 3 dApps, as hackathon projects that integrate AI art generation with NFT marketplace.

How we built it

  • Frontend: React.js, Next.js, Typescript
  • Backend: Node & Express, MongoDB, Next.js SSR
  • Web 3.0: xrpl.js, IPFS as cloud server, Pinata
  • Generative AI: DALL-E API
  • Other: Deployment, Prettier: Code formatting, ESLint: Code analysis
  • Project Management: GitHub: Versioning, Discord: Communication
  • Art Curation: for AI-generated art

Challenges we ran into

Uploading the generated images to IPFS in a reasonable time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. One of the very first NFT marketplaces in the world for AI-generated art.
  2. Combining blockchain technology (NFT, DeFi) with generative AI technology, specifically text-to-image.
  3. Integrating everything under a single unified platform.
  4. Displaying intuitive text prompts that the user can add to the text input box, so that better images can be generated.

What we learned

If something is to be done, it better be cool.

What's next for

  1. Deployment on Mainnet
  2. Ready-to-Purchase Art Collections on Mainnet
  3. Responsive Frontend
  4. Tutorials for Better Image Generation
  5. Using Multiple AI Models/API
  6. Bulk-minting of NFTs
  7. Safe Results Filter
  8. Generating other media with AI
  9. Connectivity & Minting to Existing Marketplaces
  10. Exporting the Full Source Code and Images for an NFT Marketplace
  11. Telegram Integration
  12. Social Media & Network Effects

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