Make an interface for an AI more accessible to make it more inclusive.

The most widespread form of disability is the linguistic one.

With this interface I intend to make an AI accessible with all the languages that a user can know.

By simply setting the language to be translated in the browser, you can communicate with the AI with the desired language.

What it does

It can communicate in any selected language, adapting to the user.

It can adapt to multiple formats and allows enlargements to facilitate reading.

Can listen and speak if required.

How we built it

The interface was made in javascript.

The presence of jquery is due to the integration in a wordpress environment.

Browser resources are used for translation. (Microsoft Edge tested)

Challenges we ran into

Making use more accessible required several simplifications.

Keeping the essentials continues to be a challenge however.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Correction of several code errors that remained hidden.

The possibility of being able to communicate in all languages with the same AI.

What we learned

I've learned that making a system more accessible makes it more powerful and sophisticated.

What's next for AIAI - Artificial Intelligence Accessible Interface

Debugging is still in progress and some things need to be adjusted.

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