What inspired me to do this cool project is that currently, there is no app with voice recognition and get all the top news from all sources. So, I tried to work on it and I could succeed in making it work with superb features.

What it does

This app gets the communication between users more friendly and handy. The users just have to say 'Give me news from CNN' to get the news from CNN or 'Give me technology news' to get the news on technology, or simply say 'What's up with playstation 4' to get the latest news on playstation. etc.

This is a superb voice optimised AI News application that could help you retrieve the latest news from news source as well as news of a particular person or particular object. This app has very nice good UI that could attract users into it, It Has so many features and also provides friendliness by answering moon talks like how are you, Are you going good, etc. We can also open up articles by saying 'open article 5' or 'open 5' or 'open no 5', etc.

The app is hosted live on the web. Visit

The main features of the app

  • Voice to fetch news from a source
    Eg: Give me the latest news from CNN
  • Voice to fetch news about something
    Eg: What's up with playstation 5
  • Voice to fetch news from a topic
    Eg: Give me the latest sports news
  • Read us headlines of top news
    Eg: Ans 'yes' when the bot asks
  • Voice to open articles
    Eg: Open article 4
  • Voice to go back to home
    Eg: Go back
  • Superb UI
    Made in figma
  • Fully Responsive
    Compactible with all devices like mobiles, laptops and ipads.

How I built it

I built the frontend with React, Voice recognition with Alan AI, backend with javascript and hosted the app on the web with Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

I have faced a lot of huddles while doing the project. The main feature was the laptop slows down and takes low time to compile causing a lot of errors. It took some time to overcome it and it was through restarting the server continuously. I have also faced difficulties in hosting the app, but I could complete by trying it many times. But, At last, I could make it work !!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am too proud that I could develop the app with cool feature and no one had made it. I am also proud that I could create superb UI for the app, and it will attract users into the app.

What I learned

I learned how to try repeatedly and make it work. I learned to improve my patience. I got more experience in using Github, firebase, react and AI

What's next for AI Voice Recognition News App

I am gonna add more features into the app like

  • Giving notifications
  • Showing History
  • Saving News
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