Because now Shanghai government has forced people to do the waste sorting and they still don't get used to it, I try to make their life easier by making this app

What it does

It using deep learning to sort the rubbish by their image, and tell the users what category it falls in. And also talk about the hazardous waste , which is extremely dangerous and can't be drop in transitional bin, I list all the nearest drop off places on the map.

How I built it

It is a miniprogram based on WeChat, and it is of serverless architecture, which makes the development process rapid and smooth and easy to scaling.

Challenges I ran into

all My teammates quit in the half, I managed to handle all the code on my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Decent APP

What I learned

Be Strong and never give up

What's next for AI Trash Bin

communicate with google map, making real route and become more pop, :)

Built With

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