Our initial inspiration was came from facebook recent AI feature which describe the posted images to blind people. That was our motivation and inspiration to develop something similar to that, by not limiting it just to facebook. We have developed an andriod application which anyone can download and use.

What it does

Its an andriod application which needs access to the Internet and camera API. User can click a picture and he will receive a automated phone call which gives the user a comprehensive description of the content of image.

How we built it

It was build on Andriod which uses amazon aws service and microsoft computer vision and emotion api (AI). Another integral part of this application is the use of tropo automated voice calls.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges which we have face are connecting the andriod application with rest api then microsoft azure AI doesn't give comprehensive description for some images which were click from our camera.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked on a lot of technologies, multi platform integration, AI api which were not sure of and biggest achievement is we were able to successfully completed them in the 24 hours time.

What we learned

Mircosoft API, Amazon AWS, CISCO Api......It was a challenging task from both programming and technology perspective and we learned a lot..

What's next for AI Tele Service

We didn't get much time to integrate with spark, our plan was to integrate it with spark in order to enrich the content after it being analyzed by the machine learning algorithm. And in future we will develop our own machine learning algorithm in order to increase accuracy of machine to interpret images and help humankind.

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