My inspiration to create the personal bot was Amazon Echo (ALEXA), I thought why cant i just create my own bot with the help of Amazon Machine Learning.

What it does

The bot is integrated to a web page hosted in a S3 bucket, The bot reply's to the command entered by the user. It can tell weather report, text translator, country capital, country currency, language spoke in country, tell jokes, tells time, today's date, greet user back, say's goodbye.

How I built it

S3 bucket is integrated to Lex using Amazon Cognito Lex communicate to lambda and the responses is returned

the Amazon translator API is added to Lambda some intents like jokes show prestored messages as reply's, so Lex communicates to lambda and lambda fetches a message that is stored in dynamo-db weather API are added to lambda

Challenges I ran into

Study Node.js, Amazon Lex, Amazon Translator to do more

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i'm proud that i'm a fresher with no experience at all, i worked had to understand the concepts of Machine learning and created something that is a personal bot, still working on it to make it more fabulous. personal bot can help user to do thing through text/ voice commands thus makes users life more easier

What I learned

learned more about the machine learning techniques

What's next for AI Personal Assistant Chat Bot

Add a shopping list, News report, facial recognition, etc

Built With

  • amazon-cognito
  • amazon-dynamo-db
  • amazon-dynamodb
  • amazon-lex
  • amazon-translate
  • amazon-translator
  • as-iam
  • aws-lambda
  • lambda
  • s3
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