Our inspiration for this project came from heartfelt stories from all our team members having close friends and family members in need of help.

Bridgette's Story: Pam

Connors Story: I had a family member who was getting on in years and broke his hip from falling. He spent a week in hospital before passing away. Perhaps it could have been prevented, perhaps not. Though there is rarely anything wrong with trying to prevent these things from happening.

Justin's Story: My mother has bursitis, causing her overhead lifting and reaching activities painful. Her physiotherapist wrote down the exercises she needs to do every day and she keeps this by her fridge. With her babysitting job and constant love and affection her grandchildren need, she puts herself through stress and it is heartbreaking knowing that this is only going to get worse.

Shannon's Story: My mother suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) because this she struggles to get by without assistance, regularly she has been asked to go see a physiotherapist but been unable to attend due to being unwell. Because of this she hasn't been able to get the help needed and muscle strength has become worse at a quicker rate than necessary.

What it does

AI P.T is designed to allow access to professional personal training and physiotherapy information from the convenience of their own personal device. AI P.T prompts the user to give it personal information around their health and physical well-being, This allows for the back end Artificial intelligence program interface to select an appropriate routine for their intended purpose.

This selected routine is based off, what the user selects as their goal for using the application (General fitness, Strength, Power, Endurance, Weight loss, Rehabilitation), Personal Information (Age, Weight, Height) and Health information such as heart or back problems, similar to a standard gym sign up form. In deciding, what workout to use our custom built expert system looks at information compiled from Global Fitness Institute, and other key partners in getting research based information around what appropriate for a users health and fitness status. While the user is doing a selected workout routine, they are able to use a simple interface to indicate if they were able to successfully complete the given workout. Using this information the expert system is able to more accurately tailor each subsequent workout to your personal fitness level.

From a users navigation page they have the ability to access statistics, this page displays information the expert system has collected about you while also having the capability to integrate with Fitbits API to provide additional information to the user about their workouts.

Our Goal:

Was to create an application to show the potential benefit of our idea and promote it to a wider audience in attempt to gauge interest and support for the continual development post uhack.

Research theme

AI P.T aligns with the universities research theme of Better Health we've taken some initiative to do some research into this area to show the potential benefits of this application beyond a traditional personal trainer. Policy and Health-Care-Systems: A common problem with the elderly is that they are more prone to falling over which has directly and/or indirectly caused them death or serious injury. It is common knowledge that exercise can help the elderly keep their feet. The question is if it is possible to introduce an exercise program into nursing homes. A study by Robertson and others found that “a home exercise programme, previously shown to be successful when delivered by a physiotherapist, was also effective in reducing falls when delivered by a trained nurse from within a home health service”. This means that their policy can include exercise and be used in the health-care system to improve nursing homes and the lives of those who live there. Prevention: A study by Shahid and others in August this year looked into how sedentary behavior was a contributing factor to colon and rectal cancer’s. They tested this by looking into workplace habits and concluded “that physical activity within multiple domains (occupation, transport and recreation) is associated with lower colon cancer risk”. Treatment: Osteoarthritis (0A) is another condition which has the potential to be treated by exercise. In a study by Denning and others in 2010. They used an underwater treadmill and compared it with the land treadmill. They found not only a lower “perceived pain” score but also that “patients displayed greater mobility after underwater than land treadmill exercise”. While not a cure for OA it is a treatment for the conditions of OA such as difficulty exercising and mobility afterwards exercise.

Robertson, M Clare; Devlin, Nancy, Gardner, Melinda M; Campbell, John; (2001), “Effectiveness and economic evaluation of a nurse delivered home exercise programme to prevent falls. 1: Randomised controlled trial”, BMJ 2001;322:697, Shahid Mahmood, Robert J MacInnis, Dallas R English, Amalia Karahalios, Brigid M Lynch; (2017), Domain-specific physical activity and sedentary behaviour in relation to colon and rectal cancer risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis, International Journal of Epidemiology, , dyx137, Denning, W.M., Bressel, E. & Dolny, D.G. 2010, "Underwater Treadmill Exercise as a Potential Treatment for Adults With Osteoarthritis", International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, vol. 4, no. 1.

Business Model Canvas

Can be found here!

How we built it

AI T.P is built using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, and A Fitbit API.

Challenges we ran into

Bridgette:"People being Picky about my coding and englishing skillz"

Connor: Its been a while since I last used HTML. Probably for the best.

Justin: Last minute changes to the final product making filming also last minute

Shannon: "Code that doesn't work, wrapped in code that doesn't work, wrapped in code that doesn't work, wrapped in code that works."

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bridgette: it works, I don't how or why but IT WORKS!

Connor: The project is getting somewhere, exceeding expectations.

Justin: Music Choice and editing for the pitch video.

Shannon: Making use of knowledge from my degree, to create full customer segments for our business model canvas.

What we learned

Bridgette: How bad coding practices effect the final product.

Connor: Hackathons are a good bit of fun, even the code not working isn't so bad.


Shannon: The Importance of the right team for a projects success

What's next for AI P.T

To take AI P.T further we would need to be in contact with many professionals within the fields of health and fitness in order to create a database of information for our expert system to draw decisions from. Once a user base is established it would be possible for AI P.T to be expanded into other areas such as brain training and mental health. As a proof of concept was built over the weekend to take AI P.T further the application would need to be rebuilt from the ground up with additional attention paid to the development of the expert system.

Our Project

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