Inspiration 💡

The will and passion to learn artificial Intelligence was there in me from very childhood. This encouraged me today in making one of the projects on it.

What it does 😮

It covers the basic AI related problems and games that we use it in our real life unknowingly.

How I built it 🛠⚒

I built it using Python(Jupyter Notebook) and Github.

Challenges I ran into 😣

Lack of time and knowledge about the domain stopped me for learning and exploring such concepts of AI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of 😎

The project covers concepts which are very important for Computer Science students and professionals, which i was solely able to execute and implement well with demo video.

What I learned 😏

I learned basics of this topics and how and where we use them in real lives.

What's next for AI-Lifehacks 🤩

Adding of more interesting AI topics so that everyone is benefited from this type of online education.

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