We were inspired to create EasyLaw because legal contracts are often too convoluted to understand, difficult to manage and verify, and difficult to write without a background in law. We want to make law accessible, transparent, and safe for all.

Too often we've heard our friends say things like,

"The terms of services are too long to read" while signing away their content rights and privacy to social networks like Facebook."

"%&$*, I didn't know my gym membership would charge me $300 to cancel my membership"

"WTH, my housing renovation contractor stopped paying his workers and lost the building supplies for the project. I've lost $5,000 down the drain and I can't do anything because I didn't know how to write a legal contract to keep the contractor in check."

Our friends have been screwed over and hurt by these secretive contracts.

We believe legal contracts can be understood and drafted by all effectively without having to pay for expensive lawyers. With new developments in AI and NLP research, we believe we can make legal contracts more accessible to all and more transparent.

What it does

Our platform does 3 things:

1) Translates contracts into an understandable format

  • Using a chrome extension or through our website, our AI bot will analyze and present insights about user chosen contracts
  • These insights include important clauses to read in the contract and potentially dangerous clauses in the document and describe what the clause is centered around to the user
  • Friendly, easy-to-use UI

2) Manages Legal Agreements

  • The agreed upon contracts are stored in an encrypted space with security and ownership enforced by Blockstack's blockchain protocol
  • Our platform verifies the agreement occurred and records the time when this transaction took place on the blockchain
  • Agreements can then be shared selectively to others like lawyers and businesses
  • User agreements are then analyzed by our machine learning models to remind users of their responsibilities like paying for a subscription they may have forgotten

3) Automates the contract writing process

  • An easy to use system to generate custom tailored legal contracts with our AI bot
  • Generates fair agreements for both parties

How we built it

1) We used GCloud Language We developed a prototype with GCP's pretrained NLP model for sentence sentiment analysis and entity detectioin and run user input text through the model to extract sentences with significant sentiment scores. These are key sentences that will impact the agreement signer significantly. With GCloud and GCP Language, our platform allows successful identification of key sentences and a brief description of the significance of the sentences to the signer. NLP NLP

2) Blockstack For the legal document file system, we integrated Blockstack to develop a prototype to save and share what contracts a user has agreed to. This functionality is being extended to allow full permission management and also generating insights to help users make smart financial decisions and legal decisions based on their previous history.

Blockstack Blockstack

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon as a team and we had so much fun! We love this project idea because it has the potential to save people who don't understand law from being screwed over by others who do. We believe this can help benefit peoples lives in a realistic way.

What's next for EasyLaw

We plan to continue working on EasyLaw full-time. We would love to talk with VCs, engineers, and anyone who is interested for feedback and suggestions to make this product the best we can for others. Please feel free to shoot us an email at to chat

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