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✔️ Key Features

🔄 Memeswap

  • Upload a portrait image, get back a random meme faceswapped with your uploaded face

🌐 Object Translator

  • Upload an image, get back the object's name in many different languages. You can upload any image with generally one object to see a translation, it could be an image of a dog, an apple, 4 dogs, or 20 apples, such images would be accepted for translation.

🎨 Style Transfer

  • Upload a content image and a style image and let our application paint your content image with the styles in your style image

➕...More in construction

📋 How To Use in Development Environment

  1. Open conda prompt in MemeSwap folder
  2. Type "conda create --name ailibrary --file root-env.txt"
  3. Type "pip install -r requirements.txt"
  4. Type "flask run"
  5. Open browser and navigate to ""
  6. Open new command prompt in /client/image-ml
  7. Ensure you have React installed
  8. Type "npm install"
  9. Type "npm start"

🙌 Credits

This software uses the following open-source packages:

- Faceswap feature: 1

📝 License


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