With 8 years of personal fitness experience, I have learnt many things from watching videos and reading articles. However, every time when I am learning a new workout/diet. I will have the fear of doing it incorrectly causing injury and damage to my body. The only way to learn the proper method is to hire someone with experience to guide me. Being a student, hiring a personal trainer is costly and hence I take the risk of trying the workout without proper guidance, just the tutorial videos I watch online. It has caused me several injuries ranging from wrists, shoulder joints, tailbone and knees.

What it does

AI Fitness Trainer that corrects your form via audio while a user is executing their workouts. It automatically knows what workout the user is executing and alerts them if the workout is done wrongly. It also has a history log that logs the exercise and repetition throughout the whole workout.

How I built it

I built it with tf-pose-estimator to detect the joints and currently the baseline of the correct form for certain exercises is by myself. In the future, I hope to reach out to fitness experts that I can tune my baseline to the form based on body types and height. The front-end UI is coded in flutter for the users to see and interact with.

Challenges I ran into

The tf-pose-estimator will be inaccurate if there is more than 1 people in the frame, and also the live corrective feedback requires much processing power as it uses deep learning to accurately locate the joints

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I always had this idea of a way to create a feedback/interactive system for myself because there is a limitation of just watching tutorial videos and reading articles. To get better at something, takes practice, to become a practitioner of the trade. With my technology, I believe I can help so much more people to workout and try different exercises at a lower cost and more an accurate/effective way using technology.

What I learned

AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning can help to increase accuracy of anything when the right data set is feed into the models and that the world is ever changing, it is up to technologist, tech enthusiast to come out with solutions to make the world a better place in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What's next for AI Fitness Trainer

Building, gathering insights for experts in the fitness industry and testing with alpha, beta users before launching.

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