Right now we are going through a very tough time. This COVID19 pandemic has hit all the fields, damaged the health industry severely.


All the efforts have been futile, now the best thing that we can do is stay at our home. But also we can not deny the basic needs that we have to purchase on a daily/monthly/weekly basis. So, does that mean we can't afford to stay at home?

What it does

Here comes our AI-driven solution which is a messenger chatbot (AI-commerce), what it intends to do is - the bot asks its users if they need anything or on the other hand asks if they are outside & can deliver any goods to those who are in their houses. So, they don't need to come out.

Home Page

Basically our system divides the users into two groups, one is the customer who requests to receive service & the other one is the postman who is already outside & wishes to provide service to those who are in their homes. By doing this our system ensures to minimize the number of people going outside & prevent community transmission to a certain extent.

How I built it


  1. ChatFuel
  2. Google-SpreadSheets

Spread sheets

  1. JSON objects
  2. Facebook Page integration

Challenges I ran into

As it is in the development stage, we had to test it by approaching the mass people to know their feedback. Those who used it were very much impressed and also willing to use it right away on a local market. They demanded more features like choosing the product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Right now our system is able to make a connection between those who need service with those who are willing to provide service. In this situation where many are losing their jobs, we hope service providers can earn through our system. On the other hand, those who have tested this system highly appreciated & wanted to use this right away. At that moment we were very proud that we are capable of at least doing something in this current scenario for our community.

What I learned

  1. How a traditional e-commerce site works.
  2. The main intuition behind this.
  3. How to reach to the specific customers.
  4. Understand user needs
  5. How we can make a bridge to the customers with the service providers.
  6. How to make this system dynamic with integrating google spreadsheet with the messenger chatbot.

What's next for AI-CommerceBD

  1. Right now users can request for service & those who are outside and wish to provide service can receive customer requests. In the future, we intend to give the user options from the messenger what they can buy from the local market.

  2. As we are handling the payment offline and with the third party online transaction API but in the near future, we intend to implement this transaction through Facebook's digital currency Libra.

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