Searching for a new job sucks! There are so many things to think about when seeking a new role. A career coach can be a huge support in providing emotional support, structure, and novel approaches to gettig noticed by companies. Most programmers fall into three categories: Computer Science graduates, self taught developers, or bootcamp grads. All groups get varying level of preparation for searching for jobs. Everyone on our team can identify with this problem and we believe that people the world over. Facebook is a great place to deliver interactive content.

We currently take some basic information and give the user basic information to guide their job searches. We envision this bot eventually learning enough information about users to provide highly customized advice. Our MVP demonstrates utilizing a user's Github account to make recommendations on next steps. Future features would include a diary like function so users can track how they feel throughout the process, track actions taken, get reminders about actions. Ultimately, a better job search requires social support to weather the highs and lows of the job search, a process to follow with some ups and downs, and help knowing what to focus on in each of the many aspects of the job search. We organize the the core activities of a tech job search around 4 items - People, Projects, Problem solving, and Packaging.

Bootcamps have helped increase pathways to tech, but the employment promise is not always fulfilled. Computer Science majors often do not receive tech-specific advising in school, and are ill-prepared for the job search. Women and people of color and most likely to study CS but not be able to land a Software Engineering role. We believe that if everyone as equitable access to basic career coaching there will be more access to economic mobility and more awesome products will be built for the people all over the world.

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