I'm lazy and voice recognition / nlp continues to blow my mind with its accuracy.

What it does

Using Voice recognition and Natural Language Processing you can talk to your browser and it will do your bidding, no hands required! I also built in "Demonstration" so if ever the AI doesn't do what you want you can give it a sample command and the Demonstrate what to click on / type while the bot watches! All of these training demonstrations get added to a centralized database so that everyone together makes the bot smarter!

How I built it

Chrome Extension, Nuance APIs MIX.NLU and Voice Recognition, Angular JS, Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Nuance API took a little while to figure out, also sending inputs into the browser on the right elements is tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making is all work together and in such a short time! :D

What I learned

What's next for AI-Browser

I want to take the time to properly implement the training portion

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