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  Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshapes companies and how innovation management is organized. Consistent with rapid technological development and the replacement of human organization, AI may indeed compel management to rethink a company's entire innovation process.

  In our project we are addressing how AI helps to solve modern world problem specially healthcare and save time and energy for pregnant women, Grannies, Veterans.

Tools Used

  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agent
  • Microsoft Power Automate Flow
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Sharepoint
  • Test Our Live APP


  • Weblink:-

    What it does

      Raptorz Healthcare AI-BOT helps to book appointment without service desk interaction.

    More in detail about application,

  • AI-BOT :-
  •   AI-BOT helps user to book medical appointment according to doctor availability timing for health measurements which solves service desk burden and helps hospital to understand the detailed data via stored procedure insights which helps for solving future appointment measurements.

    How we built it

    Involves 6 steps:-

  • webview:-
  •    Power virtual agent

  • Backend:-
  •   Once the form is submitted data stored in share point with help of powerflow.

  • Powerflow:-
  •   Send email communication appointment booking confirmation and event pass for environment planting.

  • Powervirtual Agent :-
  •   Respond rapidly to your user and employee needs—at scale—using intelligent conversational.

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

      Learn't about AI feature and Data Analytics.

    What's next for Dr.Bot.

    Need to explore more about Twilio and integration with other platforms like cloud service Azure, Aws.

    Built With

    • lowcode/nocode
    • microsoftpowerflow
    • microsoftpowervirtualagent
    • sharepoint
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