AI Bot Friend

AI-Bot friend of people with diabetes. It would be a hand watch and and like a small device and both of them would be connected, so this way a person would be able to use either one. People would also be able to choose the nick name for their AI-Bot and whenever they want to call their bot, so they would have to just speak the bot’s name. Both a hand watch, and a small device would be connected with each other and share data.

The three main factors for preventing, managing, and reversing the diabetes are: weight loss, healthful eating, and physical activity.

  1. Weight Loss & Physical Activity: AI-Bot would help people to exercise, and tell them which exercises they should do and how many times they should do. It would provide them with daily courses. So let’s say a person would say “Hey Nick (AI bot), I am starting my exercise for today, guide me along” — (also a bot would automatically tell there person that it is time to exercise when it is around the usual exercise time for that person), so bot would reply and say “Do Jumping Jacks 20 Times”. Once the person finishes the exercises so he/she would say “I am finished” then the bot is going to tell the person to do “Running for 3 minutes” and bot would start counting and tell the person how many minutes more to go after 30 seconds gap. When doing an exercise so one of the most important thing you need is a motivation, so this would be like a motivational friend and a trainer.

  2. Healthful Eating: When eating so a person would be able to ask a bot, if he/she eat this food, and so a bot would provide the answer wether if it is bad or really bad and should avoid it at all cost, and rather eat this. (would love to go more in detail and give examples, but the character limit has passed with 1k extra characters)

3.... It would also do many other similar things, but the idea and a concept is that it would be like a AI friend, which would help people with diabetes and try to cure it, by providing everyday guidance.

Also I am software engineer and I can turn this idea into a real working solution.

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