AI based Medical Diagnostic Training Platform powered by AWS

The Amazon challenge: Training Simulations Author: Ping Lu & Yi Yin No. 50

Hypothesize Based on the artificial intelligence medical diagnostic training platform powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS), medical students will learn the knowledge of eye disease diagnosis.

Method We use SageMaker's Linear-Learner with features derived from retinal images to detect the diseased ones. The AI based platform consists of teaching, testing, and evaluation of the students to diagnose diseases.

Here we take the retinal images as demonstration to exhibit the results.

Training data (40 images):

Test data (20 images):

GUI developed by python3.6 and pyqt5

Built With

  • medical-students-will-learn-the-knowledge-of-eye-disease-diagnosis.
  • python
  • pyqt5
  • sagemaker's
  • machine-learnig
  • classification
  • medical-image-analysis
  • amazon-web-service-(aws)
  • jupyter-notebook
  • matlab
  • boto3
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