Inspiration. Currently affordable housing programs are segmented and disseminated across multiple federal, state and local authorities. It is a nightmare for people to find all the available programs, learn about them, understanding the language, filling out multiple multiple applications, getting status information, waiting in lines for outcomes, finding qualified housing, etc.

What it does. Ahome aims to be a housing authority contracted entity that would manage all affordable housing applications. Our software will match applicants to housing programs based on program criteria and applicant's unique situations. We'll collect all the needed information from the applicants in a simple online form, as well as documentation. We'll run required income/employment verifications, and submit COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKAGES to each housing authority an applicant is matched with. For the applicant, our solution turns hours, days and weeks of chasing geese, into just a five-minute application, a phone call and some scanned email documents. For the authorities, it gives them all they need to approve applicants with the click of a button, eliminating phone calls, lines and hassle. Additionally we can help applicants finding housing with aggregated available housing data, and already approved housing.

How I built it. We used HTML, CSS and JS for the front end and one of the HP APIs for the back end. The HP API helps us retreat and aggregate housing information from Zillow, as well as from other housing sources. An additional HP API will help us match applicants with housing programs.

Challenges I ran into. Making the API work. Integrating the map and the API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of. Great team work. We managed to define the problem and ping point a suitable solution. We built a functional website, made the map responsive with property information on popup windows and almost integrate the API.

What I learned. Everyone has learned a lot about affordable housing and coding!

What's next for Ahome. We shall see. Maybe you'll tell us :)

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