Many people, like myself, prefer to place order in advance and when I arrive at the restaurant they like to get freshly made meal without any delay or without food is being cooled-down.

Similarly, restaurant owners would also prefer to prepare and serve meals in a most efficient manner instead of first-come-first-serve basis.

What it does

Ahead allows consumer to place order and let the store/restaurant owner know exactly when the consumer is heading out to the restaurant.

At the same time Ahead enables merchants/restaurant owners to start preparing meals, or orders, and serve their customer with freshly prepared meal, without any delays.

How I built it

I built consumer app for iOS app using Swift - not very fancy but enough to place order and do 'Heading out now'.

Then built a server side script to receive orders and location ('Heading out') info from consumer which is then sent as notifications to the Merchant (store owner) Ahead app on Clover.

On the Clover side (android tablet), the app receives notification and shows the order details. When a consumer sends notification of 'Heading out' then another notification with map tracking is provided to the merchant/store/restaurant owner.

Challenges I ran into

Clover devices by default does not support Google Play Services or Google Map Services. I had to hack this obstacle. However, there are ways to improve given more time for hack.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, the most I'm proud of is that the problem I have experienced myself many times, is what I am able to solve with this hack!

What I learned

I learned a lot about Clover device, APIs, push notification, order management and merchant apis.

What's next for Ahead

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