A hand, a hope

What it does

Quickly connect the people looking for help and philanthropic organizations in a simple and fast way.

How I built it

Our back-end server is based on MEAN stack, also, we offer Android mobile client and web client.

Challenges I ran into

The limitation of time and labors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We build a highly feasible solution to shorten and simplify the process of help.

When refugees go to a new city, most of them know nothing about the city. Thus, they might get lost, but they need food, health, or shelter for themselves or family members. For this group of people, they need the easiest way get help.

Our solution is highly accessible. The system can generate a batch of posters that include a barcode and the instruction of how to use this code. Then, codes can be bonded to a location where they are pasted or mounted, like bus stops, convenience stores, and so on.

Once the refugees see any of this poster, they can contact our system by SMS or scanning with our mobile client. Next, our system will automatically distribute those requests to the volunteers or non-profit organizations by matching the location and service type.

We are proud of that our solution is based on technologies but it's not limited to computer technologies. We put ourselves in those situations. We try to really solve some problems by all the means.

What I learned

We learned how to dig the real requirements of a certain group of people.

What's next for AHand

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