Inspiration The team members have an underlying interest in the field of agriculture in addition to hopes of working with RADA in the future. Also the idea of being able to create an application that provides ecommerce was quite intriguing.

What it does Provides a digital medium for farmers and customers to buy and sell products. Also provides a heatmap which shows soil temperatures and in return helps farmers to determine where to grow specific crops

How I built it The team utilized HTML CSS and Javascript to develop the web application.

Challenges I ran into Challenges faced included Utilizing the Bulma style sheet; conceptualizing an idea which integrates technology and agriculture.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of The ability of the application to navigate throughout the user interface without difficulty

What I learned Team work is a very important factor in the completion of any project. The importance of css and consistency when writing code.

What's next for AgroJamaica The future of AGROJAMAICA is intended to host audio features which enhance usability. It is also expected to host a tracking feature for farmers animals to prevent praedial larceny.

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