Executive Summary

We are building software for an earpiecethat can collect the body temperature and heart rate of the farm >workers. This data will be digitized and monitored by crew leaders in order for them to have an understanding of >how their farm workers are performing in the field. This software will help the crew leaders and ultimately the farm >owners, run a more productive & safe farm by informing them of who is in risk of dehydration, heat stroke or is >under the influence of alcohol/drugs.


Platform: C++ engine & python.

Workflow: See 2a

List of projected challenges:

The device must be comfortable, dependable, accurate, durable, and accessible to all users.

Responsibilities of Members:

Julio Morales: Building a C++ engine with python and java algorithms.

John Lin: Provide the interface for the web page.

José D. Soto: Builds the live logging system and provides major and caution warning logs.

Eduardo: User interface, Product design and presentation.

Team lead

Identify team lead: Julio Morales

  • Julio Morales (Team Leader)
  • 1.Back end developer
  • John Lin
  • 1.Front End Developer
  • 2.Team Spokesman
  • Jose Soto
  • 1.Back end developer
  • 2.Team Spokesman Eduardo Villa
  • 1.Front End Developer
  • 2.Team Spokesman

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