We're a group of undergrads from India, where farming is a very common means of living. We have seen them toil endlessly under the hot sun to support their family. So, making their life easier was the main motivation behind this idea. It makes the farming process more efficient, smart and automated.

What it does

It is a small bot that can navigate through the field and fetch data like soil structure, atmospheric conditions and crop data which are important parameters in estimating the health and life of the crop. This data is analysed intelligent decisions are made to increase the productiveness of farming. It has a software-hardware interface which allows continuous modifications and upgrades in strategies. It collects data from APIs to get weather forecasts and physical parameters like rainfall, humidity, etc. This combined with a model that identifies the most suitable crops to grow based on the conditions.

How we built it

We use simple hardware like Raspberry Pi and Arduinos along with sensors and a Pi Camera. We fetch data from Here API to forecast the weather and make decisions. Computer Vision is used to analyse the soil structure and texture which allows us to decide the best crop for the field. The bot is remotely operated using ROS with an easy to use interface. In addition to this, Clarifiai was also used to train a custom model that can identify the crops in the field and get the requirements for the proper growth of the crop.

Challenges we ran into

Calibrating the sensors and interfacing all the features together was a hurdle. Making the entire device cost and space effective was another big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using Machine Vision and Robotics in the field of agriculture to make it more interactive and appealing, solving a problem that can benefit the society, making a hardware-software interface device which has a large scope of sustainability and future modification and can be extended to other domains like defence, disaster relief, etc

What we learned

Smart interfacing of hardware and software

What's next for Agrobuddy

Making it a complete virtual assistant for your farming and daily needs using ML and AI to increase productivity

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