AgroAssist is a project that intends to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural and irrigation techniques, either by optimizing the use of resources and/or adapting these practices to mitigate climate change.

What it does

AgroAssist is a website that helps you to visualize in a precise and consistent way the necessary data for the management of a greenhouse, as well as AgroLisa, an AI that will help you to solve any of your doubts.

How we built it

We develop a web page that provides a trained AI that is connect to a cloud service that collect real time data, from sensors that are on the field.

Challenges we ran into

Train the AI and create an interface that allows the user to interact with the information collected in the field without being there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We manage to create a functional prototype of the sensors and that sensors deliver the data to the Ai so that it learns from it.

What we learned

To work in multidisciplinary team that delivered a multifunctional and multiplatform project. Also trained an AI as well as understand how it works.

What's next for AgroAssist

Develop it at a bigger scale.

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