Problem Statement

Suicide Rates of Farmers in our country are increasing alarmingly. The Agricultural Sector is deteriorating day by day, even though it is a significant contributor to Indian Economy. The main reason behind it being lack of awareness among Farmers regarding modern Agricultural Practices, and the lack of a platform where they can have a transparent view of the current market, where they can trade their crops without involving a Mediator.

Our Solution

AgroAcres is an app-based platform which promotes Smart Agriculture among Indian Farmers. It is a self-contained digital environment for Farmers to learn more about Farming, cultivate their crops in a better manner and even get fair prices for it once harvested. It tries to help them at every step of the Journey they have to undergo every time they are planting a Crop.

Tech Stack

  1. Flutter - The skeleton of the project. We used Google's New Framework for creating our Cross-Platform Mobile Application.
  2. Firebase - We use Firebase, a BaaS (Backend as a Service) as our backend as it provides many features such as Phone Authentication, Cloud Storage, no-SQL Database and Cloud Messaging out-of-the-box that we required in this project
  3. Natural Language Processing - The Chatbot in this project was created using IBM Watson, to create an immersive and interactive experience using not just text, but also images, videos and action buttons.


AgroAcres helps Farmers in getting accquainted with Modern Agricultural Practices. It strives to assist the Farmer thorughout the entire crop cycle, that is from sowing of the seed to the very selling of the Crop.

E-Commerce - Sell your Crops and Agricultural Products at a Fair Price - Have a Crop or some Agricultural Product for sale? Post it on our E-Commerce Platform to catch the eyes of our userbase of Farmers and Agricultural Traders.

Mandi Prices API - Not sure if you're buying or selling at a fair price? Check out prices from your local market with our Mandi API.

Learn more about Farming with our Multilingual Chatbot - Want to know more about a Particular Crop or Farming Technique? Ask our Chatbot in Hindi or English! It'll clear your queries with articles, images and videos!

Crop Calender - Helping you at every Step - Want us to guide you through every single stage of farming? Tell us what crop you are sowing and when, and a timeline of events starting from sowing of crops to harvest will be generated to guide you throughout the entire process, helping you at every step.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for us was User Validation of our Project. The COVID19 Pandemic has made travel a hug challenge, which made going to Rural Areas and interacting with Farmers an incredibly difficult task. Our travel had to undergo many difficulties regarding passes and inter-state travel, but we managed to showcase our product to many Farmers and got valuable feedback from them.

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Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We secured the Runners-up Position at Cisco Hackerlaa 3.0, organized by Cisco ThingQbator Bhubaneshwar.

  2. Our project was awarded 'Most Impactful Solution' at the Demo Day of ThingQbator Internship Program organized by Cisco, Nasscom Foundation and Project DEFY.

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