Inspiration - This came after identifying the issues farmers face when it comes to purchasing and selling stock, as well as many more.

What it does - What Agro Tech does is provide real time pricing ranges which are generated from conducting business with farmers within Jamaica.

How I built it - The app has been built in both the form of a web app, utilizing programming languages like html, php, jquery and other necessary coding implementation, and an android application, using pre-existing apis along with java and mysql.

Challenges I ran into - We ran into a lot of challenges both in the conceptualization stage as well as the development stage. The idea itself was changed several times with the aid of mentors to ensure that it was feasible and unique in its own way. Within the development stage, many coding errors were encountered, hindering the process, but the completed product was satisfactory.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - The fact that we were able to create a working prototype of Agro Tech was a phenomenal moment in itself.

What I learned - I learned that teamwork is indeed beneficial, especially with the time constraints we had to work with. Also, each member was introduced to methods of programming application which they had no prior knowledge of. Most importantly, we gained the ability to conceptualize and develop an innovative idea which could benefit lot of people in the long run.

What's next for Agro Tech - We plan to flush out the prototype and have it become a real life application within the lives of farmers across Jamaica

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