After studying 4 types of Entrepreneurship as described by Script4HER, Our Team decided to go for Agripreneurs. This application is not yet completed due to lack of time as some features still need to be integrated.

What it does

Email Messaging Services plays a very big roles in every businesses. Agro Sales is an applications that allows Indian Women to connects, publish, buy and sell farm products via Email Services System.

Here are Steps

  • An Indian Farmer who wishes to seller her sell her products signup and login as a Seller.
  • User first goes to Create Sales Page to create her sales Page with the following Parameters Page Title, Page Description, Business Contacts Email, Business Phoneno, Business Local Bank Account Details. Eg (Account No: 344444444, Firstbank, Nigeria.) Paypal Payments Email, Uploading of Page Banner Image. etc.
    Sales Page Link will be created for the Seller. Something like
  • Secondly, The User Goes to Add Customers Contacts Section to update her Customers Contacts Email, Phone no. Names etc. so that their respective Customers could be able to receive real-time Broadcast Email Messages each time a New Farmer Products is added by the seller on her sales Page.
  • The Farmer clicks on Add Products Sections to Add his Farm Products
  • The Farmer can notify all the buyers in the platform and also all the Customers in her Contact list about any publication of new Farm Products on her Sales Page to their Buyers and Customers respective Email Addresses.
  • Buyers can make purchase of the farm Products by Clicking on the Sellers Sales Page Link sent to his Email
  • Each Registered Farm Products Seller can create his/her Sales Page.
  • The Seller can Share her Sales Page Link to anyone, her Customers, Friends, Relations. She can also Share it on Facebook, Emails, Instagrams etc. Anyone with the Link of Your Sales Page could be able to make Purchase. Your Customers can also be able to Contact the Seller via her Published Email and Phone Number on her Sales Page
  • Your Customers can review your Products, Write Comments on your Farm Products which you can access from your Sales Page or Profile Page
  • Due to Shortage of Time, we are unable to integrate Paypal Payment Gateways. To this effects, The buyer can make Payments by paying directly to the Sellers Local Bank Account published on the Sales Page.
  • Easily Translate Application Page Content to any Language of choice using Google Language Translator

How we built it

Built with Email Services, PHP, Mysql, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstraps etc.

Challenges we ran into

What's next for Agro Sales.

Integrating Payments Gateways like Paypal, Skrills etc.
Integrating General Sales/Markets Page for Products Seller
More Design and more features coming soon..

Built With

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