People have relied on agriculture for their livelihood since ancient times. The agricultural sector accounts for over 20% of India's GDP, with the majority of farming taking place in villages, which is, by the way, the sole source of income for the rural population. The farm sector employs almost 60% of India's population, and most farmers are always in a state of hardship for a variety of causes, some of which are given below.

  • Nowadays, farmers need to protest or commit violent acts such as suicide due to a lack of communication channels with government officials. Often, their “cry” for aid is ignored and not taken seriously, leading the farmers to perform extreme actions out of desperation and sorrow as a result of the problems they endure in life.
  • Farmers in India are not well educated enough to understand how finance works and rarely do they have people to help them with it. As a result, they begin accepting private loans from money lenders at exorbitant interest rates unaware of the huge sum they need to pay in the end. Many times there is a crop failure they end up committing suicide as they are unable to repay the loans to the money lenders who act as mafia.

❓What it does❓

To address the problem statement, we have come up with the following solution :

  1. Input Farmers Data: Collect information about farmers like the biographic information about farmers, land records owned by them, including crop details that he intends to grow in the current season, which will be used to compile a list of authorised banks in the area that can provide loans against land records for farmers, as well as crop insurance to cover bad loans in the event of crop failure. With loans from nationalised banks, the government can write off failed loans as one-time subsidies to farmers in the event of crop failures, decreasing the possibility of corruption by intermediaries and deterring farmers from borrowing from private moneylenders.

  2. Shout-out/Problem Addressing Page: Where farmers can convey their concerns instead of going to protest. This page supports appealing to government authorities, or they can connect to the media, who can raise their "cry" for help from the government so that they can directly speak to authorities and handle their difficulties in a methodical manner. As a result, protests and property damage will be significantly reduced.

  3. Legal Documentation & Uploading Page: Here the Farmers upload thier Documents in a Secure method using Botdoc.io service so as to provide Lease Documents or Financial Statements to Government Authorities. This feature helps prevent fraud Landowners or Malicious Middlemen to Forge documents of farmers and prevent steal/theft account statements to thier advantage. After the documents are uploaded, Status Updates are sent using Twilio on SMS or Mail.

🏗️How we built it🏗️

  1. We Use HTML/CSS/JS for building the application.
  2. We Use Auth0 as login and Signup page
  3. We Use Twilio for Multi-factor Authentication and Connecting SMS for Document Uploading status
  4. We Use BOTDOC.io for Farmer Legal Document Uploading
  5. We Use Google Maps for Localization and Addressing of Farmer Lands

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

  • Understanding how to locate and interact with public APIs for obtaining geographical data and schemes available on government websites.
  • To grasp the scientific parameters needed to infer the factors to be considered for subsidised loans, extensive research was required.


We are happy to have devised a solution to a critical problem that affects such a vast number of people with no available methods or resources to assist them. We learned a lot while working on the project not just technically but also time management. We are proud we could complete the project and deliver a beautiful fully functional Hack this weekend.

📚🙋‍♂️What we learned📚🙋‍♂️

  • Information about public APIs that can be used to acquire geographic data, agricultural land records, and related things.
  • Different crop insurance schemes and loans are provided by Government for farmers to assist in farming.
  • If implemented appropriately, a single platform with strong technical capabilities can really assist the country's GDP growth.

💭What's next for Agrivolve💭

  • The proposed system can be improved to include insurance information, which can be obtained from the government's public APIs.
  • For a wider reach, the software might be modified to be built into mobile devices with localization (language options).
  • State-specific reports to better cater to people with specific schemes.
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