We recognized that farmers like every other professional suffer from a lack of information on occasion about market trends and shocks. There is an overall crippling lack of research being done in Jamaica which is detrimental to the growth and development of industry. We endeavored to fill this gap for our farmers.

The website compiles statistical data on the distribution of agricultural produce in order to gauge public demand and supply and provides analysis and predictions thereby enabling the farmer to make informed decisions about production. It provides this data in a palatable non-technical way. Similar to Reddit communities farmers will be able to subscribe to crops in order to have access to only the subset of information that they want. The website also aims to collect data from farmers who will be able to report agricultural losses due to weather anomalies or other shock as well as the quantity of produce they bring tot he market.

The prototype was built as a website in HTML CSS PHP and JS

The conceptualization of complex algorithms to provide analysis as well as a complete lack of expertise.

Our most notable accomplishment was the synthesis of an adequate UI

HMTL, Pitching, Group synergy.

We intend to become an industry standard resource and a central actor in the seamless coordination of the agricultural sector.

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