Recent news of China's ban on canola products from Canada has placed immense strain on Canada's economy directly effecting southern Alberta, other prairie provinces, and multibillion dollar industries. We wanted to highlight this issue and provide a readily implementable solution.

What it does

Our application runs and records smart contract transactions from distributors to receivers across the supply chain. Ensuring traceability, quality assurance, and fiscal responsibility.

How we built it

Our application uses Ethereum private BC, running on Kaleido Platform. Solidity Smart Contracts (3) for Back- end with chain link API integration for pulling in sensor data. Front- end: Web3.js Machine learning can be implemented once real data is available to predict price.

Challenges we ran into

Front-end because of rapid web3 development. Many libraries and functionalities have become deprecated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completion of Backend with solidity smart contract. API integration and creating a concept for a very contemporary and relevant issue

What we learned

The most exciting part was to address a real world challenge and creating a viable solution. The biggest takeaway was the convergence of these technologies; blockchain, IoT, and machine learning.

What's next for AgriSet

TWD (total world domination) jk continuing development and commercialization

Built With

  • oraclize-evm
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