Farmers’ markets are the preferred choice of many consumers since they provide high quality local and seasonal foods at affordable prices and allow direct contact between the farmers and the consumers.

The measures required to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19, substantially limit the number of customers allowed simultaneously inside the market areas, decreasing sales and driving consumers to shop elsewhere.

What it does

As a consumer, you can join your local market by filling the registration form and order fresh foods available on your local farmers' market, including traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables.

As a farmer you can inform your customers of the products you are bringing to the market and immediately start collecting orders online.

As a market organizer, you can setup a unique farmers’ market digital marketplace with a relatively modest effort, informing consumers and supporting the marketing efforts of the farmers.

Expected impact

The AGRINEXO MKE solution is being developed to improve sales efficiency and reduce social contact by accepting online orders, ready for pickup at the selling point.

The underlying concept is to digitally enhance farmers’ markets, while promoting their unique products and preserving their authenticity .

AGRINEXO MKE is non-disruptive farmers' market digitalization solution intended to improve the efficiency of short food supply chains and to broaden consumer choice.

What's next for AGRINEXO MKE

We are refining requirements with major stakeholders as market organizers, farmers and consumers, and improving the solution prototype.

Farmers’ markets coupled with well-defined farming standards contribute to the resiliency and social well-being of local communities, balancing Globalized Food System with Local Food Systems and promoting sustainable agriculture.

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posted an update

The initial AGRINEXO prototype was developed about a month ago at a time where the immediate concern was to slowdown the spread of COVID-19 to avoid an even greater death toll and the collapse of national health services around the world.

Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic crisis evolves, the social and economic challenges of balancing health with well-being and safety with business continuity are also emerging as critical.

Non-disruptive digitalization strategies, as we are proposing for farmers’ markets with the AGRINEXO solution, are ever more relevant for the resiliency and social well-being of several local communities.

We have refined the concept and prepared an improved version of AGRINEXO for the Hack The Crisis Iceland Hackathon. Let us take farmers’ markets to the next level.

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