We realized that a major challenge that farmers are faced with is financial support. This is a big hindrance in their operations in the sense that they may not have sufficient funds at a particular moment when they need certain resources. So we developed a platform to curb that issue and enable continuous operation of the farms. However, we did not limit it to monetary resources. There are varieties of things to loan such as assets, labor, products, services and so on

What it does

Agriloan is a web-based platform that connects farmers with resources The platform connects farmers who do not have certain resources to loaners who can provide such resources in a mutually beneficial negotiation which they do independently.

How we built it

Powered with PHP and MySQL, All users are stored in the database and all interaction is made using PHP mailer and twillo We began with the wireframes for the project using Figma to design the user interface and then made use of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap for the front-end while using PHP for the backend. Sample data was created for potential farmers and loaners to exercise the variety of loanable elements on the platform. We employed the use of .Tech domain to create a domain name for our project then hosted it on the Linode server. The Twilio API was also integrated into the platform for message notifications to users.

Challenges we ran into

finding a way to contact farmers when an investor shows interest was a challenge because we realise not all of them will have access to emails or visiting the site frequently - twillo came to the rescue.

Hosting on linode was a big step, we face alot of challenges as regards this.

Lastly, we had to make a big modification towards the end of the project. Initially, We wanted only farmers to make the request, But we decided that investors should also be able to showcase resources they would like to loan out

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We're proud of the ability to create something that adds value to the agricultural sector which enables people to benefit from. -We're proud that we could create a positive impact on the lives of farmers by creating a platform to improve their productivity -We're proud that we could contribute to the good of humanity by making a platform that enhances food security.

What we learned

Inclusive teamwork is the best way to achieve goals when handling projects which are as vital as developing an understanding with people you work with.

What's next for Agriloan - teamerudite

Team Erudite is made up of people I enjoyed working with and wouldn't think twice about collaborating in situations like this. The agriloan platform will continuously be developed to ensure it delivers the intended service by working with farmers in order to better assess their needs.

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