While researching datasets to fit into machine learning algorithms, we uncovered a bigger problem: a lack of datasets that contain information about the agriculture industry, specifically, data related to occurrences of diseases and pests.

What it does

Empowers Farmers​ Collects agriculture data on plant diseases and pests Identify patterns​ and gain Insights using Data Analysis and AI​ Predictive Analysis​ and Forecasting based on Weather and Disease Data​

What we created

A proposed model that collects and provides plant disease occurrence data to generate AI-based forecasting and predictive analytics that is distributed to its users​

Challenges we ran into

Lack of datasets related to diseases occurrences in plants

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Instead of trying to work around a major gap in information, we created a self-sustaining, proposed community model.

What we learned

That there is an opportunity to build a community with open-source sharing of information.

What's next for AgriData

Augmented Reality blended with Artificial Intelligence.

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