• Today a farmer cannot have a digital overlook of his or her production.
  • Right now it is difficult to know the demand of their crops.
  • They do not have an exact overlook of the needs of the land and therefore cannot maximize the crop production.

What it does

  • Farmer be informed in real time of the need of his product within the local community.
  • Effective way to merge the supply and demand of the needs of any local community.
  • Since many farmers might not be used to digital tools and therefor not digitally literate.we developed a tools to be user friendly so that it ensures the farmers can benefit and use the solution over a long period of time.
  • The digital product is user friendly that involves no rejection by the end user

How I built it

We are providing centralized system of supply and demand where the farmer and grocery stores can enrol and fill hp the stock of product as needed by the demand from the community

  • satellite based data driven application
  • complete control of the soil for crops growth,
  • informed suggestions of the soil fertility and usability

Challenges I ran into

Managing huge data to store and process

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successful product which contribute in make society better

What I learned

Satellite data Microsoft Azure

What's next for Agriculture & Supply Chain Monitor using Satellite data

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