Our goal was to even out the huge gap between large farmers and medium/small farmers by providing them with a piece of machinery that would not only help them in their day to day agricultural activities and help reduce the amount of labor input from family members but also do so in an extremely cost-effective manner so that we could level the playing field both literally and figuratively.

What It does

Once the coordinates and dimensions of the field have been entered and the device has been programmed, it carries out the following agricultural activities with ease:

  1. Ploughing: It can be used to till the soil to ensure proper aeration.
  2. Sowing: It can autonomously plant seeds by creating furrows at regular intervals and it can semi-autonomously plant saplings in the same manner.
  3. Spraying: It can completely autonomously spray fertilizers/pesticides over the specified area of a field.

Tools Used

  1. C
  2. Arduino Studio
  3. Altium Designer
  4. 3DS-Max
  5. Fritzing

Challenges we ran into

One of our main challenges was making the device cost-effective so that medium farmers can be able to afford it, so we ran into several problems in the designing, and picking out materials/ components within the very tight budget limit while also trying to incorporate as many functionalities as we could. We also had to try to make the functioning intuitive so that even farmers with less education could understand it.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the agricultural market internationally while doing market surveys and research. We also learned intricate designing while making the model.

What’s next for Agricola

In the future we would like to expand our market and try mass producing units if the demand is good. We would also like to team with with non-profit organizations and provide them with some units In exchange for publicity. We would also like to try and incorporate even more functionalities so that we could make the ultimate all in one helper.

~Note: The video is taken off Youtube(with permission) to show what our project would be like.~

GitHub Repo For Code

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Product Prototype Demo 1:7 model

Prestation MUST SEE

Built With

  • 3dsmax
  • altium
  • altiumdesigner
  • arduino
  • c
  • fritzing
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