Elon Musk who is an Energetic CEO of Tesla Motors Trying to Create a new world in Mars " An Mars Mission". Elon Musk and SpaceX in order to facilitate the eventual colonization of Mars. They are my Inspiration for creating this project.

What it does

INTRODUCTION: Agri Robot is a robot rover to move on lands to cultivate crops in mars. Instead of using man power in mars for cultivating food crops we introduced this robot rover using DTMF technology. Cost of Rs.10,000/-

PROBLEM STATEMENT: The Agriculture is slowly evolving in Mars which is going to be our future hometown so we need food in the mars for future living in other planets. For Food Crop Cultivation we cannot use Farmers or Man power in Mars which is not possible.

Solution: This Project is Useful for Crop Cultivation in Mars. Instead of using man power in mars for crop cultivation we can use robots for crop cultivation with 48 types of agricultural sensors to detect the different states of climate and sand condition in mars. It also reduces the expenses by using one time investment method. It also reduces usage of man power and wastage of water. It is a prototype project with a camera facility Which has ability to control anywhere from the world.

How we built it

We have used DTMF technology here. DTMF means Dual Tone Multi-Frequency. It is the first board with high level frequency. So we can do agriculture in Mars which has 48 types of Sensor and able to move on any rough farm lands.

Challenges we ran into

We are trying to cultivate Agricutural crops in Mars for Living which is going to be our future Hometown

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to give more specifications of doing agriculture in Mars Lands ( A Future Planet of Living Hometown) This Robot Rover is used for ploughing, smart irrigation. It can be controlled anywhere from the world which is working on high level range . It has an ability to move on any rough surface or path way which has a hard surface. Instead of DTMF technology we can use Bluetooth technology

What we learned

We Learned many new things and has a clear plan for doing agriculture with our Agri Rover in Mars because it is a future living planet an hard work of Elon musk and SpaceX. My aim is to Contribute some new innovation for agriculture in Mars


Find a Way How to bring my Agri-Rover Innovative Agriculture product in Mars Mission

                   **GIVE ME A SEED I WILL MAKE A NEW WORLD**

Built With

  • bluetooth
  • cloudnetwork
  • dtmf
  • energyreproduction
  • robotics
  • wireless
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