Living with roommates can be stressful and many of us will live with roommates in college and even post-college. Excel sheets full of payments owed and google docs full of chore assignments are laborious and a headache to work with. We wanted an application that combines all these things into an easily accessible application that makes living with roommates (almost) a breeze.

What it does

AgreeMates is the agreement app for roommates. The Agreement section is a set of house rules that everyone agrees to live by, these can be added to and amended over time. The shopping list keeps track of all the house necessities that everyone should pay an equal share for as well as extra items people may request The task tracker is an interactive chore calendar where you can track chores to be completed and those that have been. The utility section is for keeping track of utilities and rent, as well as in the future sending push notifications to remind users that bills are due.

How we built it

We used meteor.js and node.js as our platform and used Google Cloud Platform's App Engine to deploy our website using MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us were new to web development so it was hard to understand how HTML, CSS, Javascript worked together to create a website. In addition, we also played a bit with App Engine by Google Cloud Platform which allowed us to deploy our website with our own domain name provided by

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building an entire web application from scratch
  • Integrating so many platforms

What we learned

Even though only 1 of the 4 of us knew how to work on a front-end platform, within a span of 24 hours all of us taught ourselves not only front-end, HTML, and CSS but also handling the back end of our application using Javascript.

What's next for

Conquer the world, of course! :)

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