Agreeable Genome

Agreeable Genome is a daily recipe app that recommends daily meals and health tips that complement your personal genome. Your genome/health info has automatically been pulled in.

Created for the GENOME LINK API Devpost challenge.

Uses EdaMum Recipe API to fetch recipes matching user genome criteria.

‘All standardized diets specify what you should eat based upon the average human metabolism, but as we know from the science of the individual, there is no such thing as average metabolism, any more than there is an average body, average brain, or average genome. Instead, the way each of our bodies processes food is completely individualized--and demands a completely individualized diet’ (1)

Still somewhat early in the lifetime for genome-based web and mobile apps - sequencing the full human genome is still cost prohibitive and/or not of proven interest to folks, so it may be some time before such applications have mainstream application.

Agreeable Genome is a venture into this domain, by seeking to create a platform where people can learn about their human genome, while simulatenously be recommended smarter food choices and health tips which are communicated and tracked within the mobile application.

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