Interviews are conducted manually by humans. We cannot guarantee that interviewer is really qualified or available to take the interview. This process is also very time consuming. Also results could be biased and changes with the mood of the interviewer. We have tried to solve the above problem with help of Natural language understanding and have used Agora as a real time video platform

What it does

VI, a Virtual Interviewer is a replacement for human interviewers with a bot. Attend interview right from your home from laptop. and there won’t be human on other side to take interview

How we built it

Used Agora Recording SDK for recording video of interviewee in real time, Used Node.js Child processes for interoperability between the Agora Native SDK and Agora Web SDK

Challenges we ran into

Working with Node.js Child Processes, managing communication between bot and interviewee (Agora Signaling SDK will be useful here)
Learned about Node.js Child Processes, Docker, Agora Recording SDK for linux and Agora Web SDK

What's next for Agora Hackathon

  1. Real time eye tracking, face and voice recognition of the interviewee
  2. Integration of Agora Voice and Signalling SDK
  3. Clone an interview or allow bot to make suggestions based on profile of interviewee

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