Agora is a platform to help clubs and organizations fundraise money for Nationals through a digital yard sale. Users can easily add and bid on items through Agora's intuitive user interface.

Agora is an iOS app built ground-up with the Swift 3.0 programming language. Various open-source frameworks were used to create an immersive user interface and third-party SDKs (Software Development Kits), such as Firebase and Facebook, were used to expedite the app creation process.

On the business side of Agora, we plan to license the app to chapters. The current version is specifically for Cupertino FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter. However, we can sell the source code of the app to other chapters and they can edit the components of it for their own purposes.

Our code in Agora has been split into various folders to show the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architectural pattern.

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Agora won 1st place in California and 2nd place nationwide in the 2017 FBLA Mobile Application Development competition.


Q: How do I delete my item?
A: By simply clicking on your item, you will see an option to delete your item. This option is only visible to you to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience for our users.

Q: How do I share this campaign to raise awareness of Cupertino FBLA's online yard sale fundraiser?
A: On the main page, in the top right hand corner, there is an icon that allows you to post this campaign on social medias such as Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness about Cupertino FBLA's online yard sale fundraiser. You can write your own message when speaking awareness or use a preset message.

Q: How does Cupertino FBLA earn money from Agora?
A: 15% of the earnings that a user receives by selling an item through Agora will go to lessen the financial burden on Cupertino FBLA to send its members to FBLA Nationals.


· An iOS device (iOS 9 or higher) or iOS emulator
· The device must be able to take a picture or upload a picture file
· This app is optimized for iOS capable devices (any screen size)


· This application is not available on the App Store
· Must be run through Xcode via an iPhone Emulator or a connected device


· Configure user permissions in the Settings application on your device
· Permissions
      · Access to camera/camera roll
      · Access to internet (Wi-Fi)


· If the application takes an unnatural time to respond (over 5 seconds) it may be due to Wi-Fi connection
· Files other than images may not be uploaded onto the application
· You cannot contact other users in the simulator. Use the app on a real device (through a cable) if you wish to test these features.

Software Used

Our integrated development environment (IDE) was Xcode, which accompanies the default Apple Simulator. To design the app and icon, we used Sketch due to its versatility. Additionally, we used Github as storage for both components of the code, as well as UI elements. The Swift 3.0 programming language was used to develop the app.

Copyright Notations

The following open-source frameworks were used: · Carthage was used for managing dependencies.
· SwiftGif was used to play animated GIFs within the app.
· ImagePicker was used to display an elegant camera in the app.
· TPKeyboardAvoiding to make sure that the keyboard does not cover any information field.
· SwiftMessages was used to display beautiful alerts.

The following SDKs (Sofware Development Kit) were used: · Facebook iOS SDK
· Firebase iOS SDK

Other assets used: · Background video on the login page is from Pexels Free Stock Videos
· All icons were provided for free by Icons8

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