Hello World Hackathon 2017

With Aneesh, Jack, Jay, & Kaitlyn

The Project: VRoadtrip

  • Map a route from given start and end locations into a short video of images along the route
  • Uses Google Maps API and Google StreetView API with JavaScript


  • Provide visual learners a new way to familiarize themselves with new routes beyond the standard written Google Maps directions
  • Awesome past road trips deserve to be remembered! VRoadtrip can help bring back nostalgia and good memories by reminding users of amazing past road trips routes they went on.


  • Learning two new APIs (both Google Maps and Google StreetView)
  • Finding the right balance between user interactivity and program efficiency
  • The majority of the team did not know JavaScript at the start of this project. We now have a fully functional JavaScript WebApp!

Possible Further Extensions/Development:

  • Allowing users to add waypoints to ensure their road trip highlights make the video
  • Develop a feature where users can connect their own picture albums and/or music albums to play in tandem.

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